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<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Coastal resorts in southern England, traditionally renowned for their holiday appeal, are emerging as thriving centres of small business activity.Towns such as Bournemouth, Sidmouth, and Bexhill-on-Sea are now among the fastest-growing areas for small-scale British enterprises.Recent analysis by

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The Office for National Statistics estimates that British exports of goods to the Republic of Ireland amounted to £28bn in 2023.To support this important trading relationship, European road freight expert Europa Road is extending its unique Delivery Duty

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised Britain’s growth forecast, predicting a faster-than-anticipated drop in inflation and a potential “soft landing” for the UK economy, which could allow the Bank of England to cut interest rates three times

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Cazoo has entered administration, a mere three years after its ambitious $8 billion flotation in New York.The used car enterprise, launched by Zoopla’s founder Alex Chesterman, had been seeking protection from creditors earlier this month and cautioned shareholders

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>UK inflation has plummeted to its lowest level in nearly three years, creating speculation about a potential interest rate cut by the Bank of England this August.The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported a sharp decline in inflation

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>Television presenter Anne Robinson has revealed that she has distributed her £50 million fortune among her family to avoid paying inheritance tax after her death.The 79-year-old, known for her roles on Countdown and The Weakest Link, explained her

<?xml encoding="utf-8" ?????????>KERB, the pioneering London-based hospitality group known for nurturing successful food ventures like Pizza Pilgrims and Club Mexicana, has unveiled its 2024 Impact Report.The report highlights the company’s impressive track record in supporting street food businesses and fostering